GRACE MUKAMI NJUGUNA IS A RETIRED TEACHER and grandmother of Ruth Mukuiya Kivoi. Ruth was God-fearing, morally upright, talented, an 'A' student, and an all-round girl. At the age of 16, while in form 2 at Menengai High School in Nakuru town, Ruth was attacked by meningitis and suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed.

This marked the end of her dreams of becoming an actor, a musician or a scientist, as she had written down in her diary, and the beginning of stress and pain. Relatives, friends, and community that once embraced Ruth and her family now shunned them. The family felt stigmatised which left Grace with many questions with no answers. In this state of pain Grace asked herself ;

  • How many parents and guardians are facing similar challenges as I am?
  • How many children out there are suffering as my grand doughter Ruth?
  • How many of these children are locked up in houses like I do Ruth, due to stigmatisation?
  • .

    Following these questions, Grace, gained insight to face her challenges more positively, hence, the birth of Malaika Initiative for People with Disability, a non-governmental organisation registration number OP. 218/051/14-0314/9702 that work towards alleviating the suffering, and bringing hope to the children, their families and community at large.